All About Me

Hi, I’m Olivia!

Now we get to talk about one of my favorite topics: me! (kidding…mostly) I am a twenty-something college student who is currently chasing her dream of becoming a dietitian, loves a splash of coffee with her cup of almond milk, and is slowly falling in love with fitness a little more each day.

And I am a food-aholic, and hope to never be a recovering addict. I love trying and creating new recipes, plant-based, paleo, keto, vegan, delicious non-diet foods. Everything.

I am also, as of 2019, a full time personal trainer!

I also love my husband, Dalen, and my dog, Penelope, who I most certainly did not forget about. They won’t let me. I can’t imagine my life without them. They bring me so much happiness and are my greatest supporters. Here, enjoy a slightly blurry photo of the two of them:

Dalen's About me photo

Here is my Dalen! My hero, my biggest supporter, and my rock. None of this would be possible without him.



Penelope hates long walks on the beach, taking photos, and baths. She does, however, love treats, people, giving kisses, chasing, rolling, and excels at sleeping.

I hope you enjoyed those photos, because you’re going to get a lot of them.

But I didn’t create this blog for recipes, to talk about college, to brag about my husband, or to post dog pictures. I created this blog for you, for me, for the both of us. So we can together obtain the lives we want through health and fitness. I created this blog for those who are desperately struggling, who have no idea what is going on, who have questions but can’t find their answers, who are drowning in facts and statistics and what is probably useless information. Because I’ve been there, I’m right there with you. I created this blog so we can get in shape together. So we can become better versions of ourselves. So you can see my failures and successes, and hopefully learn from them. So we can reach our goals together, whatever they may be. Are you ready for the challenge?

Personally, I have not read a fitness blog that detailed the chronological order of a person’s fitness transformation. (And, honestly, I’m too lazy to dig real deep for one. Ironic right?) But I do know what it is like to be frustrated with little progress, to feel like you’re in it all alone, to feel like your dreams should be easily achievable but are just beyond your reach. That is why I created this blog, not to show you what I HAVE become, but what I will become, something we can become together. If you need me (because who wouldn’t want the advice of someone who just started undergraduate college as a  dietician in training who has little-to-no idea of what’s going on?) you can comment or email me! I can’t wait for us to learn together!



3 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Dr. Ryan Noel Fraser says:

    I’m so very proud of you for launching this awesome fitness blog. What courage and bravery it must have taken to put yourself out there in this way! Looking forward to learning from you along your journey toward greater health and wholeness!

  2. Stephanie says:


    I’m so proud of you. This sounds like an awesome blog and journey. Looking forward to following it with you!

  3. Jenny French says:

    Olivia…….this is amazing!!! I’ve only known you for a short time, but somehow when I first heard you were doing this, my immediate reaction was….”That’s soooooo Liv!” I’m looking forward to your inspiration as I have recently begun my own weight loss journey towards a healthier me :). Keep it comin’ and keep it rocking’!

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